Plants for Water-logged Areas

A common drainage need stems from the removal of shrubs and trees from properties. Without thirsty root systems there to absorb water, certain areas can become waterlogged after heavy rains. As a solution, we often suggest installing a French drain. This drainage solution gives the water that was once being absorbed by the shrubs in that area a place to go and removes the moisture from the top of the soil.
For individuals who are not opposed to first installing plants to try to absorb some of the extra water in their yard, there are a number of shrubs that can be used for this purpose. Often, these plants can be used in combination with drainage systems to provide an optimal solution for a water-logged yard. Cary Sod & Drainage installs many of the shrubs recommended by the Horticultural Science Department at North Carolina State University for wet areas, including various varieties of azaleas, hollies, and vibrunums. If you would like an estimate for the installation of water-loving shrubs in your yard, call us today at (919) 306.4210.
More shrubs recommended by NCSU can be found on their quick reference guide or by copying and pasting the following link into your browser:

Do You Need A Drainage Solution?

The slope of this lawn caused moisture to accumulate under the deck and around the foundation.

Does your lawn have areas that resemble the above image? If so, you need a drainage solution! By installing a French Drain, the experienced professionals at Cary Sod & Drainage reroutes excess water away from buildings and living spaces to ensure a dry foundation and lawn space for your family. Visit our webpage and request a free estimate to fix your drainage problem areas today!

Cool Season Grasses

If you want a lush, green lawn throughout the winter months, you may want to consider installing a cool season grass such as Tall Fescue. Tall Fescue is a medium-textured grass with a high shade tolerance and average maintenance costs in the Cary, NC area. For more information about this turfgrass, visit our webpage!